• Partnered With StartUp Health
    We have partnered with healthcare transformer, StartUp Health for “Access To Care” moonshot
  • Participation In Niti Aayog
    served on the committee for Health & Nutrition, established by National Institute for transformation of India (NITI Aayog), and was a part of the team called ‘Champions of Change’ formed by the Prime minister of India.
  • DigiVillage
    We have been part of the VSTF program, chaired by Maharashtra CM Mr. Devendra Fadnavis and the rest of the executive committee.
  • Recognized By World Economic Forum
    A case study was published by the World Economic Forum, London Business School and New York University to show how we have created a solution that is disruptive in healthcare and help create an ecosystem

An insightful interview on current healthcare trends with Nilesh Jain, managing director, CliniVantage at HIMSS 2019 APAC.


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Empowering Care Providers

An integrated PaaS-based solution for all operational, clinical, administration, financial and consumer-centric services

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Empowering Patients

Patient empowerment tool that enables patients to complete access to their comprehensive health records

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Empowering Doctors

A digital application that provides real-time access to EMR & observation data irrespective of physicians location

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Empowering Ecosystem

A digital health portal that connects consumers to hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and wellness centers

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