Designed for Medical Professionals and Patients, CliniQ is a powerful software that
enables tele-consultations and automation of medical processes, in turn saving a doctor's time and positively increasing revenues.

Key Features of CliniQ

Tele - Consulatation

Facilitate flexible patient engagement with a seamless video experience

Chronic Care Management

Provide care to patients with chronic conditions using advanced solutions

Standardized Workflows

Cover sheet configuration on the basis of instruction, observations and complaints

HIPAA Complianta

HIPAA compliant, improve clinical documentation and case management with customized report formats

Billing System

Automate processes such as scheduling, billing, due dates along with patient tracking


Enables physicians & medical practitioners to write and send prescriptions remotely

Our Solutions


Empowering Care Providers

An integrated PaaS-based solution for all operational, clinical, administration, financial and consumer-centric services

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Empowering Patients

Patient empowerment tool that enables patients to complete access to their comprehensive health records

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Empowering Doctors

A digital application that provides real-time access to EMR & observation data irrespective of physicians location

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Empowering Ecosystem

A digital health portal that connects consumers to hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and wellness centers

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