Driving healthcare efficiency through connected technology

With an aim to build a connected healthcare ecosystem, we at CliniVantage offer solutions that will lead the industry towards transparent, secure and value-based care.

A comprehensive Solution

The foundation lies in developing an end to end PaaS-based solution that integrates operational, clinical, administration, financial and consumer-centric services to not only deliver efficient healthcare but also enhance the patient experience. The platform makes personalized healthcare a reality by empowering patients and providers by offering them with information that can be exchanged seamlessly, resulting in informed decision making for better health outcomes. The robust use of technology streams rich analytics with custom insights and dashboards, automates workflows, provides real-time decisions for care teams, and point-of-care alerts.

Our Vision

To reach a billion lives around the globe by building a innovative platform to empower healthcare providers and consumers.

Our Mission

To create an integrated ecosystem utilizing solutions that empower the stakeholders of the healthcare universe by transforming the way they collaborate.

Our Solutions


Empowering Care Providers

An integrated PaaS-based solution for all operational, clinical, administration, financial and consumer-centric services

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Empowering Patients

Patient empowerment tool that enables patients to complete access to their comprehensive health records

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Empowering Doctors

A digital application that provides real-time access to EMR & observation data irrespective of physicians location

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Empowering Ecosystem

A digital health portal that connects consumers to hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and wellness centers

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